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Add Our Experience To Your Practice


Trial Run Inc. brings you unmatched legal skills training and litigation consulting founded on real-world, hands-on courtroom, legal and teaching experience.

For Trial Run clients, that experience means training, coaching and consulting services that respond to the real challenges and complexities of today's legal environment. Our veteran team focuses on the cutting-edge skills and strategies that get results and make a difference.

Because Trial Run is not a law firm, our services are unbiased, objective and focused on helping you achieve your potential. Whether you are a law firm, a business or a government entity, you can count on Trial Run for knowledgeable, in-depth and innovative training and consulting services that set the standard for the field.



Trial Run consults on cases for trial lawyers and client companies, to review the trial organization, witness style and substance, and attorney preparation and presentations.


Trial Run's training programs draw on the best of both worlds: our team's vast practice expertise and our experience in legal skills training in law schools, private law practices, corporations and other settings around the world.


Trial Run provides top quality distance learning through webcasts, streaming video and DVDs. Distance learning provides highly effective training without associated travel costs or time off work. We customize distance learning to your needs, practice areas and development goals.